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Paces Neighborhood in Buckhead Ranked as one of safest in Atlanta


Paces Neighborhood in Buckhead Ranked as one of safest in Atlanta

For years, Paces Neighborhood has been one of the hottest places to live. Located in Buckhead, it is known for being one the most beautiful and well situated neighborhoods in the greater Atlanta area. Most Buckhead neighborhoods boast a majestic setting: near the banks of the Chattahoochee River, these neighborhoods have it all; including, forested areas, quaint roads, and majestic hills. In addition, Paces neighborhood, with its close proximity to interstate 75, has unparalleled access to just about everything that Atlanta has to offer. Within minutes, residents of the Buckhead Neighborhoods can be in downtown, midtown, or one of the various shopping districts.


Now, the residents in Paces Neighborhood have one more thing to brag about. Those lucky enough to own Buckhead real estate can now claim that they live in one the safest neighborhoods, not just in Atlanta, but also in the entire United States.


One of the Safest

According to a report done by Dr. Andrew Schiller, from Neighborhood Scout Reports, Paces neighborhood now ranks among one the safest neighborhoods among all major U.S cities. Long have residents suspected that this quaint and serene area was one of the safest in Atlanta, but now they have the evidence to back it up. Using data compiled from over fifteen thousand different law enforcement agencies, Paces Buckhead Neighborhood was rated 429th; that is 429th out of 7685. This data is even more impressive, when this Buckhead Neighborhood is compared to others in the Atlanta area, ranking near the top of the list.


With crime all around the nation on the rise, it is nice to see that there are still a few areas that can be considered safe and secure. As residents of Paces Neighborhood will tell you, this is one statistic that they take pride in. They do not play party to crimes, and they are committed to an old world sense of values and sensibility.


An Exclusive Area

Of course, if you are looking for Buckhead real estate within the Paces neighborhood, you have to be on your toes. This exclusive area only contains around 900 homes, with fewer than fifty being sold every year.  Still these statistics only further serve to prove the appeal of this neighborhood. Residents are happy and safe, making them reluctant to leave.


In addition to its safety and security, the Paces Neighborhood in Buckhead offers many other attractions. The Buckhead-shopping district is conveniently nearby, and with the Paces neighborhoods close proximity to the river, making it a dream spot for fishermen, campers, and hikers.




For more information on the Paces Neighborhood including an extensive look at theBuckhead real estate section, see

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