Senior Dental Care: Oral Health for Older Adults

A white and bright smile manifests good oral health. The teeth are one of the healthiest parts of the body. A tooth is made up of calcium, dentin, fluoride, and vitamins. Absence of any component leads to oral problems. Nevertheless, calcium breaks down as one ages. The teeth lose vitamins and minerals. This leads to tooth loss. Tooth loss is one of the major dental problems of older adults.

Dentists provide specialized dental services to seniors. This is called senior dental care. In senior dental care, dentists provide oral hygiene system to patients. They treat early signs of tooth loss. In older adults, the most common tooth loss symptoms are tooth discoloration and tooth decay. The teeth lose their yellowish-white color. Plaques build up on the teeth. Likewise, the teeth become more sensitive to temperature. Sugar levels on tooth surface increases. Gradually, tooth decays.

Dentists treat tooth decay by improving oral hygiene. They recommend regular dental cleaning to patients. Likewise, they encourage regular dental check-up. Frequently, regular check-up is scheduled twice a month. Dentists give instructions to patients about dental cleaning techniques. Patients are required to floss their teeth after meals. Floss takes away food debris on tooth gaps. Food debris can cause bacteria build-up; bacteria feed on tooth minerals. Floss prevents build-up of bacteria on the teeth.

Moreover, dentists recommend frequent brushing of teeth. Brushing cleanses the teeth. It lowers sugar concentration on teeth surface. Patients who have dental implants, crowns, and veneers are given toothbrushes with tongue depressors. Other cleaning tools can be used such as wash cloth and cleaning gauze. These wash the gums and tongue. Dental clinics such as Buckhead dental provide other innovations for tooth cleaning.

Aside from tooth decay and tooth loss, older adults are susceptible to periodontal disease. Periodontal disease is the wearing-off of gums. The supporting bone structures and jaws shift. This causes irregular bite, also known as malocclusion. During check-up, dentists examine a patient’s jaw placement. Malocclusion and jaw shift are treated by implants and restructuring. Dental clinics such as Buckhead dental ask about existing medications before treatment.

Other common oral problems among older adults are inflammation of gum tissue, oral thrush, and dry mouth syndrome. In most US cities, dentists (i.e. Buckhead dentist) give treatment packages for senior dental care.

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