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Small LED Lamp Makes Up the Stylish Lighting


Small LED Lamp Makes Up the Stylish Lighting

Article by Ledsign

Small LED Lamp Makes Up the Stylish Lighting – Business

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Small LED lamp makes up the stylish Small LED lamp, made stylish lighting? Yesterday the opening of the 10th at Bo, the Zhongshan many companies pioneered LED application ing design gives the answer – a small source can also be made of stylish crystal chandeliers like fireworks. Lights at Bo, the reporter saw, was mainly used in the backlight, such as televisions, mobile phones and other areas of the LED lamp beads, After cleverly R & D design of the business owners and designers, has quickly into the commercial and general in. In Qilang lighting booth, visitors flocked to a lot of people come up with the phone camera, original Qilang the new LED

series of crystal lamps. The tiny LED white lamp beads with crystal sequins, the combination of a silver multilayer crystal lamps; tiny LED lamp beads together, they become like the dome light

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