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How to Dress Like Samantha Ronson


How to Dress Like Samantha Ronson

Things You’ll Need:

Vintage T-shirts

Skinny jeans

Various hats




Leather jacket


Start your garments off after a austere T-shirt. It can be a broadcast tee after a assured buzzword on it or a vintage performance tee. Make assured it’s adrift fitting, but not too loose. It have got to be comfortable, but not too feminine; commemorate this aplomb is absolutely androgynous.


Skinny chinos are a must. Low-rise bony chinos so as to dangle off of your waist are the most excellent choice. You can get them in black, brooding denim or constant frosted if you absence to attire them up.


For your shoes, assume comfort. Samantha is in old academic gym shoes such as Converse Chuck Taylor’s, but she as well has been seen fatiguing Van’s or Nike’s.


Fedora, Leather Jacket

Add any layering to your agency by putting on a black or ashy hoodie. You can as well try a black buckskin jacket. Samantha has been seen Noble both.


Beanie Cap

You can breakup off the air after Samantha’s brand black fedora-style hat. If so as to is not the most excellent fit for you, you can try a slouchy beanie cap instead.

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