The Bald Truth: Dr. Bubolo’s Hair Restoration

Dan Fecht

You know how when a child finds a puppy they like and begs their parents with wide, doe-like eyes to ...

Join The Visual Petition & Share Your Story

The Editors

VisualActivist.Me is a movement among afro-descendants rising up for visual diversity and equal representation in online media. The campaign aims ...

systematic land theft cover

Stolen Lands by Jillian Hishaw

Eugene Smith

“Stolen Lands” explains what happened to the land? Stolen Lands by Jillian Hishaw points to facts like. Of the 2.3 ...

Hyphened-Nation – Poised to Advance the End of a Hyphenated America


White-Americans, Black-Americans, Latino-Americans, and on and on.  Sometimes the list seems almost endless.  And a significant portion of each of ...

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WriteNowLive: The Burden of Sweetberry by Carol Gosa Summerville

Madison Smith

On the third Sunday in June of 1963, an emotional drama unfolded at the First Macedonia Baptist Church of Sipsey, ...

author on the wall

WriteNowLive: Cyberspy by Heaven Love

Madison Smith

Rebekkah Rye thought the excitement in her life left along with her ex-best friend, Chord Price, when he left her ...

book cover

God’s Sacred Feast

Eugene Smith

God’s Sacared Feast is the second novel in the series “Chronicles of the Hamlet of Sipsey.” Set in the fictitious ...

Author: Trésor Bapre

Eugene Smith

About Trésor Bapre,I’m like you, but I’m a little ahead of you. I worked like a madman to make other ...


Budgets For Happiness And Success


This budgeting book is simple.  It has chapters of different common financial scenarios and how to successfully budget for them.  ...

Viral Facebook Marketing Blueprint w/ Rachel Miller

Dan Fecht

Viral Social Media Expert Rachel Miller Explains 100 True fans are Key to Your Facebook Business Rachel Miller is the ...

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