Author: Trésor Bapre


About Trésor Bapre,
I’m like you, but I’m a little ahead of you. I worked like a madman to make other people’s dreams come true and one day I realized that I would never make mine come true in this way.

I have experienced hunger, poverty, jobs that no one wants, shame and despair, but I have never stopped fighting.

Today I have 2 companies and I manage the commercial activity of a 3rd.
I have finally emerged from the spiral of unprofitable debts for real investments that pay off.

I share my energy, my passion and the lessons I have learned from my failures and hardships with those who want to change their daily lives and become financially independent.

I have read hundreds of books, absorbed the knowledge of many renowned mentors and browsed the web and social networks in search of the best tips, advice and uses to share them with you in the most digestible and simple way for you.

I am on my way to this destination that unites you and me. Millionaire or Billionaire, no more and no less, because our time is based on truth: as long as we think about how to manage our day-to-day financial problems, we will not solve our global or societal problems.
It seems normal for me to want to fill his fridge before I want to save the world. Maybe it’s just because I’ve been through a lot.

Now you know me, I’m not a guru or a fake millionaire who will become one by selling you a dream. I am you and you are me! We want to do it and we will do it, but we want methods and advice that are simple to apply and will work if we do it right.

7 billion human beings and only 2200 billionaires, there is room to reach the top and few of us want it and give ourselves the means to do so so so get moving and use my book for a change.10:59 March 30, 2020

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