Hyphened-Nation – Poised to Advance the End of a Hyphenated America

White-Americans, Black-Americans, Latino-Americans, and on and on.  Sometimes the list seems almost endless.  And a significant portion of each of these groups identifies with the ethnic or religious portion of their identity, much more so than the “American” part of who they are.  Author and hardcore activist Nicole Draffen is one of many who sees the danger and ongoing risk in this dynamic.  Recently, Draffen announced the launch of her new book that explores the topic in an interesting and informative way, “Hyphened-Nation”.  Using the book as a cornerstone of their outreach, Draffen also recently celebrated the founding of “Don’t Check the Box”, a movement that is working hard to bring Americans together – free from hyphenation and focused on unity.

“The hyphenation of your nationality minimizes your standing in the nation,” commented Draffen, about her inspirational work.  “The hyphen might as well act as a minus sign. Both are represented by the same symbol and have the same consequences. Just as a minus “takes away” a numerical value, its counterpart hyphen lessens the value of your nationality.”

According to the author, “Don’t Check the Box” encourages activists to never check off ethnic background boxes when applying for jobs, entering university, or taking testing of any kind.  Contacting a local representative is also encouraged, along with wearing a special wristband to help inspire others with its important stand again hyphenated nation message. 

The early response for the book and work have been completely positive.  Clearly, it’s a message whose time has come, for many people.

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