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Campsite cooking should be fun rather than a challenge. After all, you’re on a holiday not a survival exercise and it can be as simple or as sophisticated as you like. On the one hand, you might want a simple one burner stove for tea and coffee with a barbecue for meals. On the other, you could rustle up several courses on a gas-powered double burner with grill. Whilst double burner stoves allow more cooking options, there are, of course, plenty of one pot recipes suitable for camping.

You’ll need somewhere to keep cooking gear and food in your tent; stacking plastic storage boxes with lids are practical and durable. As you won’t have loads of worktop space on site, a free-standing camp kitchen makes food preparation and cooking a lot easier as well as offering space to store pots and pans.

Coolboxes and insulated bags are real assets in storing perishable food and many sites will freeze your ‘ice’ bricks to use in them.

Mark yours with your name (best done with an indelible pen). Ideally, you could have two sets (one in use; one in the freezer) and hand them over for freezing in a marked plastic bag to make finding them easier. Nobody wants to spend holidays bogged down with cooking and cleaning but a plastic bowl makes treks to the wash block easier and a couple of tea towels make light work of keeping on top of washing up on site. If you’re new to camping, you’ll soon work out what suits you, what extras to pack and what to leave behind.

Gas is the most popular stove fuel as it’s clean, safe, reliable and convenient whether you’re travelling by car or on foot. Our ranges of stoves and cookware offer safe and reliable ways of preparing hot meals and our stores stock gas canisters that will fuel your cooking without fuss or mess.

Meths-fuelled stoves, like the Trangia, work by burning vapour from a simple container. With no moving parts, they are simple, reliable and very safe to use complete with cooking pots and windshield in a handy nesting package. For many years, these stoves have been the first choice of youth groups and are popular with backpackers.

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