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“Peel to Reveal” the World’s First Can Top Coupon via Advercan.

Dirty Soda Cans


“Peel to Reveal” the World’s First Can Top Coupon via Advercan.

Dirty Soda Cans


Inspired by a recent AdAge inquiry from Mr. Ives to our Beverage industry Magazine associate, Team Advercan has just run a POC (Proof of Concept) for their Can Top Coupon model.Seven media pioneers passed out 700 CanAds affixed atop the American Energy Drink on the SMU college campus. The unique coupon was for free Fries and Drink at a local Hamburger restaurant. There were 102 coupons redeemed, reaping a whopping 15% return-capture-close rate. 2/3rds of the coupons led to a hamburger purchase, which has a billion dollar implication for the fast food giants that serve Coke, Dr Pepper and Pepsi syrup world-wide. A “McBurger’s” can top coupon for free fries would lead to a cola ‘n sandwich purchase, all while strengthening pouring rights. A real Win-Win!

A billion dollar switcher gambit would be for a major BevCo’s sales agents globally: “Mr. McBurger, we can place food coupons on billions of cans which will generate 100s of millions in new sales for both our companies! Soda brand-Z cannot offer this to you.”With this coupon return rate, the new medium should be worth over $.10 to $.25 ($250CPM) per impression compared to Direct Mail’s $.75 and 1%-2% return rate. Plus the new food sales value, plus the PPC potential, plus market share increases, plus media innovation award, E-link, biodegredation, barcodes, cola scent, lotto-fuel-chips-candy ads in C-stores, cola flavor, contest money, import stamp, AdAge’s “Groupons,” collectibles, branding capabilities and under-the-cap billboard space. Tom Bachman of Beverage Industry Magazine, points out that Advercan’s device could also be used as an RFID label for cans.

This aspect was discussed with COTT and Walmart years ago before the microtechnology was fully developed. The price of the chip would be paid for by the media revenues. All these possibilities, and CanAds costs high speed labeling systems are ready to install in canning plants, and each beverage line could distribute over a half a billion can-top-coupons per year. At over 250 billion annual can tops available as billboard space, the CanAd is a sure global winner.Advercan has conceived, published, copyrighted and proven a true disruptive medium that is desired by the consumer of the product. The TNT “Touch and Target” CanAd requires people to interact during every impression, which increases its ROI value over Direct Mail’s 35 billion per year media buying.Advercan has received kudos from IPG’s Universal McCann, Center for Marketing Intelligence, Timerlin McClain, Webber Shandwick and Omnicom’s TracyLocke and Integer execs. Large Independent firms such as Richards and Horizon Media has also complimented Advercan on its original advertising copy

.As of this year, PEP and KO has bought their bottlers for over $20 billion, so their media teams could now feasibly generate CanAd profits to offset all packaging costs for their bottling lines. IPG and TCCC favored this type plan-in-hand years ago. Coke was also pleased with Advercan’s CanAds at their Atlanta packaging conference in 2007. Perhaps the newly proven can-top-coupon value, bottler control, and the new Dallas contacts will inspire them to run a pilot line with Weiden+Kennedy and IPG/Universal McCann’s clients as paid advertisers. Now seems to be the time for KO to capitalize on canvertising.For Pepsico, Eric Foss just cozied up with retailers, and they suggested more integrated advertising between Frito Lay and their soda offerings.

What better way to market chips than a coupon on the cans? POP advertising on soda POP!Team Advercan’s VP, Mr. Embry, states, “In a recent conversations with Coca Cola and Pepsi marketing officers here in Dallas, the penetration value and global media impact of Advercan sparked high interest in our revolutionary billion dollar pinpoint advertising concept.” The group has also achieved interests from two New York Pepsico marketing execs.The creative innovations team seeks incubation to enact a can-top-media brokerage system, like their winning SMU-COX collegiate business plan suggests. Besides the World’s first, oldest and largest Can-Top-Media copyright portfolio, international press, tradeshow promotions, work product, relations built, and a decade of machine/label R&D, Advercan owns Twenty Eight Trademarks including Peel to Reveal, AmeriCANtop, Trackfancantop, Cantopcash, Cachcans, Capslap, Mexicantop, Advercan, Cleancap, Promotionstop, Fanclubcantops, Cantopcollectibles, CantopAds, Touch and Target, Adcan, Republicantops, Canads, and others. The Agency’s I.P. is offered for exclusive licensing.

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