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♥ Dating Tips: “What are your Rules for Dating?”


♥ Dating Tips: “What are your Rules for Dating?” forover 500 dating advice videos not on youtube! Bring out your inner-awesomeness so you can improve your love life. Go to and upgrade to a Premium Membership! * You will get Instant Access to Full versions of 500+ videos that will solve your dating problems! + you will get all my NEW videos that you can’t get anywhere else! Go to to become a fan on Facebook. * After boinking for the first time, guys you MUST call her later the same day. If you don’t, the girl will think you just wanted sex. (So if you did just want sex, then don’t call her until later.) At the very least, send her a text message. GOOD AFTER-BOINKING TEXT MESSAGE VS. BAD TEXT MESSAGE Good: Have a great day, sweetheart. Bad: Thank you, come again. Heh, heh. Good: You were amazing. You are so hot! Bad: You were amazing. You are so hot!… compared to the ugly beasts I usually get with. Good: I had great time with you. 🙂 Bad: I had a great time with your v@gina. Dating Tips and Rules for Dating.

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