The Bald Truth: Dr. Bubolo’s Hair Restoration

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You know how when a child finds a puppy they like and begs their parents with wide, doe-like eyes to keep the puppy? “Can we keep him, can we keep him,” the child pleas from the heart.

It is the same as when one finds a good doctor, as it is like mining a rare gem in the world of healthcare – a blend of expertise, empathy, and a dash of magical healing powers.

That is Dr. Bubolo. You just can’t keep him like a puppy.

It is Dr. Bubolo’s commitment to improving people’s lives by boosting their confidence and offering hope as he aims to make a difference in the world through a variety of treatments, such as hormone therapy, men’s and women’s health, aesthetics, and a full spectrum of hair restoration operations.

Dr. Bubolo

I interviewed Dr. Bubolo about his hair restoration services and was awed with what he expertly shared. Read on to discover:

DC Life Magazine: You helped rising Detroit Rapper/Singer Nick LaVelle, and he speaks highly of your hair restoration services. How was the experience helping him with his hair concerns?  

Dr. Bubolo: Nick was a pleasure to work with from the moment he showed interest in our services, during every visit before and after his procedure, and even today. He was a strong candidate; he asked many questions and was the perfect patient. During all follow-up visits and calls, he shared his excitement about the results, and we couldn’t be more thrilled that he is so pleased.  

DC Life Magazine: Is this for men and women? Have people come from other cities for hair restoration? –

Dr. Bubolo: Absolutely, both men and women benefit from hair restoration. We have so many options for all levels of needs and goals. Our department doesn’t only offer hair transplants. We assist patients with concerns about hair thinning, hair health, and hair loss.

Detroit Rapper Nick Lavelle

Yes, because of the value of our offerings, our staff, and satisfied patients, we have seen people from across the country and Canada.  

DC Life Magazine: We all know there’s nothing wrong with baldness, but why should someone consider hair restoration? What has been the response from your clients? 

Detroit Rapper Nick Lavelle before and after

Dr. Bubolo: You’re right. There is nothing wrong with being bald. That said, many men and women do struggle with hair loss or hair thinning and how it makes them feel. For 22 years, we’ve been striving to help others achieve goals that make them feel more confident in their bodies based on their personal goals.

DC Life Magazine: How long does the process take from sitting down in the chair to heading home? It is a full-day procedure. 

Dr. Bubolo: While every case is different and unique, one can expect to be at the Clinic for 8-10 hours. Don’t worry; many patients sleep through the procedure, and we provide you with lunch.  

DC Life Magazine: So many of us have wanted to do something about our hair but have been hesitant.

Dr. Bubolo: I get it! I can relate.

Many factors, including fear of the unknown, financial considerations, and societal perceptions, can influence the decision to pursue a procedure or change in one’s hair.

Firstly, the fear of the unknown is a common barrier. People may need help with what the procedure entails, the potential risks involved, and the outcome. This is a natural concern, and individuals need to ask all the right questions and seek medical guidance to ensure they get all the answers they need to feel comfortable with the procedure.  

Financial considerations also play a significant role. Hair procedures can vary widely in cost. It’s crucial to weigh the financial aspect against the potential benefits and consider alternative options.

The societal aspect is also very real. On the one hand, there’s a cultural shift toward embracing diverse beauty standards, which includes accepting baldness as a natural and beautiful attribute. However, societal pressure can still exist, especially regarding appearance and vanity. It’s important to remember that everyone’s journey toward self-confidence and self-expression is unique.

Ultimately, it’s important not to judge individuals for their choices regarding their appearance. Each person has their reasons, and those reasons are personal and valid. What matters most is that individuals feel comfortable and confident in their skin, whether that involves changing their hair or embracing their natural look.

DC Life Magazine: When you’re not performing miracles on follicles, what are the other services that are available at your Clinic? 

Dr. Bubolo: That’s very nice of you to say. While we are not miracle workers, we see them happen regularly, and there is nothing more rewarding than helping others get the results they want! I am proud of the Bubolo Medical team and our work. We offer various services, including Medical Weight loss, Men’s and Women’s Health, Hormone Replacement, and Aesthetics, including Body Contouring.  I welcome everyone to contact us today to find out more!

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