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Buckhead Apartments – Moving to Atlanta, Advice to Grads


Buckhead Apartments – Moving to Atlanta, Advice to Grads

If you have recently graduated college, these are difficult times. Deciding in which city to settle depends largely on where you can find a job. And sometimes, even if you land a good job, the city can turn out to be different from what you had expected. Either way, moving is a gamble. But it’s also part of life. The trick, like everything else, is to get the most information about your new city, and to use that when you are moving. You have to get good at the process.

Recent grads flock to popular enclaves in and near the big cities. A U.S. Census Bureau News release in 2003 points to that year’s report on the trend of the young, single and college educated moving to city centers despite the flight of other denizens. So, there you’ll find people your age and a host of precisely targeted amenities; you’ll also find expensive living and increased job competition. This is part of the gamble. The cities with more jobs are more expensive, and you better be ready to fight for your next position.

To prosper in your relocation city, consider professional certification and internships in your field. This spring break, research university extension or educational outreach programs in your new city. You might dread more tuition bills, but the investment places you with mid-career professionals and graduates your age all aimed at increasing hiring potential. Also, if you haven’t interned in your field, focus on getting a summer internship in your new city. Even an unpaid internship gives you exposure, experience, and confidence that could lead directly to a job. Temporary work can alleviate monetary pressure–hey, I delivered flowers.

So, how much money will you need to commit to your move? Turn to the Web to research your city’s typical living expenses. How much is rent? How much is annual car insurance and registration? How much is public transit? How much is the average utility cost? Is there state income tax or state or local sales tax? What are the state’s health insurance laws? What other bills will you have to pay? Find some answers on the city or state’s official Web pages. Once the costs are tallied, you might prefer Atlanta to New York City.

Like New York, Atlanta has many neighborhoods. One popular location is Buckhead. Situated in the metro area, with all of Atlanta’s offerings within easy reach, Buckhead is a nice option for people new to the area. It has restaurants, bars, culture and shopping, and numerous apartment choices. It is up to you how much you can spend, and on what. But if you are relocating to Atlanta, Buckhead is one of the best options.

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