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Buckhead Apartments — Moving to Buckhead on a Budget


Buckhead Apartments — Moving to Buckhead on a Budget

It is an admittedly difficult time to uproot and move into a new apartment. But with a simple game plan, you can make the transition and still have money in the bank.

This article provides advice on how move to Buckhead, GA, without spending too much money or making poor decisions. It is designed to help young or first time apartment renters save money and find an ideal place to live. Buckhead is a popular, expensive section of Atlanta. It has numerous restaurants, bars, condos and multimillion-dollar homes. But it also has apartments. And with the economy at a low point, it is becoming more difficult to find an apartment that is affordable, comfortable and attractive.

Renters will benefit from research and conservatism. First, in order to move, you need to save money. No matter how frugal you aspire to be, moving costs money. Apartment leases often require first and last month security deposits, as well as various other fees that the landlord might present. And then there is the question of actually moving your stuff. Of course it is more convenient to hire movers, but if you’re trying to save money it might be a better idea to do it yourself. You can find boxes for free at grocery stores, liquor stores, and restaurants. If you’d prefer a bigger, cleaner box, you can go to the nearest moving company, where boxes are often for sale.

Saving money and being frugal is a personal challenge. It is up to you to budget your income and understand what you can spend and where. That’s half the battle of moving. The other is finding your apartment.

Using Web sites is a good place to start Craigslist and local newspapers list hundreds of properties available for rent. You can also Twitter and ask people in the community if they know of any places available to rent. Or you can work with rental service companies. Some of these companies charge a fee; others do not.

If you want to spare yourself the time and effort of an apartment search, there is a company in Atlanta that will work with you to narrow the search. You are paired with a local agent, a person who understands Buckhead and all that goes with it. Then you give the agent your information — how much you can afford, where you would like to live, etc — and he goes to work finding apartments. Once an apartment is identified, he makes contact and sets up a time to see the house. If you decided to rent the house and once the lease is signed, simply let the property manager know that you used the rental company’s services. The rental company and the property management work together. This is how rental companies are paid. This keep the service free for the renter, a huge benefit when trying to move to Buckhead on a budget.

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