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Romance Is In The Air With Jus D’Amour By Mercedes

 Mercedes, an established singer-songwriter whose music has been used in award-winning films, has crafted her own unique sensational fragrance Jus D ‘Amour to add to her smash hit collection, and we were very excited to be given the chance to test its charm and see if, Jus D’Amour truly is this year’s perfect Valentine’s Day gift idea.

 On first opening the beautifully packaged bottle of Jus D’Amour, the Essence of Love it instantly captivates you. The room was filled with its precious and romantic blend of coco palm, aqua leaf accord, night blooming jasmine, violet, Tahitian vanilla and sandalwood. Its, hard to contain, aroma is both sophisticated and calming with a warm, soft sweetness that takes the edge off a stressful day, and in this day and age we all need that extra help towards serenity!

When applying the stylish Jus D’Amour Perfume Oil Roll-On, or the Eau de Parfum Spray, you can see why Jus D’Amour by Mercedes has been hailed by men and women from all over the world as ‘a love song in a bottle’. The scent is simply alluring, all-day lasting and truly is this year’s Valentine’s Day ‘must buy’.

The perfume collection, available to buy online and at Scent Bar/Lucky Scent, has undoubtedly been receiving an exceptional response for some time and is certainly a celebrity favorite wherever it appears. Jus D’Amour has been featured internationally at DPA Gifting Suites, the Cannes Film Festival, San Diego Comic-Con, Monte Carlo, the EMMY’s and more recently in US Weekly Magazine with actress Jennie Garth.

However, this perfume is not just for us ladies, oh no, Mercedes is also the perfumer, and nose, behind ‘Legend’ by Jus D’Amour, a masculine cologne inspired by legendary world champion boxer Roy Jones Jr.  The scent of ‘Legend’ is clean and sporty that will embrace your man’s inner “legend”, and best described as an evocation of nature’s combination of fruit, wood and floral to capture that very distinct champion flavor. Pure manly, yummy heaven!

It seems we are adding yet another ‘rave review’ for Jus D’Amour by Mercedes, as it has definitely made its way on to our Valentine’s Day list this year!

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