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Author spotlight: the Hero Within – A Conversation with Teddy Konickson

Eugene Smith

Atlanta Life Magazine's Author Spotlight, we are excited to feature Teddy M. Konickson, the brilliant author behind the debut novel, "Extraordinary."

Lorna M Blake Author

Rising Above: The Inspirational Journey of Lorna Blake

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In the bustling world of literature and personal development, few stories resonate with the transformative power of authenticity and resilience ...

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Stolen Lands by Jillian Hishaw

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“Stolen Lands” explains what happened to the land? Stolen Lands by Jillian Hishaw points to facts like. Of the 2.3 ...

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God’s Sacred Feast

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God’s Sacared Feast is the second novel in the series “Chronicles of the Hamlet of Sipsey.” Set in the fictitious ...

Author: Trésor Bapre

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About Trésor Bapre,I’m like you, but I’m a little ahead of you. I worked like a madman to make other ...